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Oxygen Sensor at Sanchez Muffler Inc.


In every new car since 1980, an oxygen sensor has been installed as a standard part of the emissions control system.  It feeds data to the computer in your automobile so that the engine will run as efficiently as possible at the same time as producing as few emissions as possible.


Located in the exhaust pipe, the oxygen sensor is responsible for detecting the amount of oxygen the car will need to run at peak performance.  Things like altitude and the temperature of the engine can all affect the required oxygen levels for your car to run as efficiently as possible.  When the computer can no longer sense the air/fuel ratio your car will begin to drive poorly and ends up using more gas than is required.



It you are having problems with your oxygen sensor (O2 Sensor) or exhaust system and need some professional advice, please contact Sanchez Muffler Inc..  We proudly serve the residents in Fontana and surrounding areas.